I am Emmanuel Licayan, a Computer Engineering graduate and currently finishing the Advance Diploma of Interior Design at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT). I have been working as a Graphic designer for three years before moving to Australia to study Interior design. Currently, I am doing freelance graphic design jobs and mural projects in Australia and Philippines. I have high knowledge in design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Abode After Effects, Adobe InDesign, AutoCad, Revit, Corel Draw, 3DsMax. Also, have been doing Photography, Painting (Canvas, Walls, Furniture, Shoes etc.), Illustrations, Graphic Layouts, Video presentations and Animations. But with that, I can also be trained with other things without any problem.

Pursuing a career in interior design has allowed me to channel my passion for design and aesthetics in a professional context. I love the creative process and am inspired by the transformative potential of interior design which focuses on the interpersonal and design on a human scale.

I am an interior design student, in my final year of study at the Canberra Institute of Technology. I have received my Certificate IV in Interior Decoration and my Certificate Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration. Currently I am enjoying undertaking an internship 2 days a week with Scape Lift Design, Weston ending in mid-November, around the same time I will receive my Advanced Diploma at my End of Year Exhibition

I’ve always been interested in design. Good design just feels right and I love now being able to have the skills to be creative and make things actually happen. I want to stretch my mind, get my hands dirty and make a difference in the industry.

I have always enjoyed and appreciated all things creative and have truly found a passion for design. Design is all around us and influences the way we live our everyday lives. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and exploring the knowledge and skills involved in the design process and feel it has broadened my mind in a positive way.

I am fascinated by design. To be able to create spaces that influence the way people feel and interact is a true art form.

My background in graphic design enables me to bring unique and bespoke elements to my designs. I take inspiration from my experiences from both my childhood in Asia and my time spent studying in Australia.

Everything you’ve touched has been designed, without creative people where would you be?

Throughout my studies with CIT I’ve found a very strong interest for residential design as well as the interior decoration side of things. I’ve always had a curiosity for design whether that be building my own doll houses out of old shoe boxes (thanks mum) as a child, to designing wacky newspaper dresses for fashion in school.

I am passionate about design in all of its forms. I am motivated to create a space that is empathetic to the user, whilst incorporating a sense of individuality within it. High attention to detail is maintained throughout the design process, enabling me to form both creative and unique solutions to problems. My background in psychology has equipped me with a sound understanding of how individuals interact with a space and how it can directly influence the behavior of those within it. I am constantly seeking to expand my knowledge base and in turn, strengthen my design ability.

Expression through design is an incredible thing. It surrounds us in conscious and unconscious ways; it influences our emotions and inspires us in everyday life. I find it exciting to be at the beginning of my career in such a diverse and stimulating practice as Interior Design.

Leanne has been drawing home floor plans since a young child.  Having lived in many homes she has learnt to appreciate what good design can do, but has also learnt the value of looking at space for its flexibility. For example, what can be done to meet the functionality a resident wants/needs or the names on the floor plan don’t need to dictate the room’s use. 

With a strong belief in reuse, repurpose, recycle she aims to develop spaces that optimise the client’s budget while addressing the client’s brief and minimising the long term impact on the environment.

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