I’ve always been a creative person and during my high school years I studied fashion and graphic design and was inspired by how they both integrate into Interior Design. Over the past two years studying interior design my love for this course has grown and inspires me every day to achieve my goals of becoming a successful designer.

I have always been fascinated by design, even from a young age. I love the endless possibilities of inspiration, and watching small ideas transform into strong concepts and unique spaces.  I believe in creating environments that are functional, aesthetic, and enjoyable for all users, while having an adaptive approach to each individual project. As a designer, I am looking forward to continuously growing and developing within the industry.




I have always been a creative and artistic person, starting off as an visual art student with a keen eye for composition and detail. My design style is refined and draws inspiration from natural, sustainable forms. I aim to use the skills I have acquired studying both art and interior design and apply them to the field of set and scenic design.


Interior Design to me is a way of bringing art to life. In the years that I’ve been studying at CIT, I’ve learnt that interior design plays an important role in our daily lives. It was wonderful to learn how Australia treats interior designs as it is a great factor in improving the working and living environment of people. I’m always mesmerised by the little things and tiny details that greatly impact on the way my designs can look. I enjoy doing free hand sketches and have always loved researching for every assignment that we had to do.

This year I have graduated from CIT Reid, ACT obtaining a Diploma of Interior Design.  I love colour, designing and problem solving particularly in the residential market.  With sound people skills I am looking forward to working in the design industry.

Starting my career as a scientist I fulfilled my creative potential on the side with visual art. I finally bit the bullet and decided to study again to do interior design - a course I wish I had done at the end of year 12. Interior design is the perfect career choice for me as it offers an exquisite balance between scientific precision and creative flair. I have lived in both London and New Orleans for extended periods and have a passion for travelling and exploring new cultures.  I find that I can draw inspiration from these adventures.

I’ve been interested in art and design my entire life and have always enjoyed drawing and creating.  With a passion for interior design and architecture, I absolutely love the process of designing unique and exciting spaces.  I am particularly interested in residential design, as I believe the spaces we call home to be incredibly vital and central to our lives.  I find it wonderful and fascinating the way in which design can transform a space into a comforting refuge and space of protection.  


My decision to leave behind a career in IT to pursue design has been a conscious leap to follow my lifelong passion.  I am inspired by beautiful spaces that evolve from human-centred design, and I am excited when good design positively influences behaviour and well-being.  For me, design is the perfect balance between the creative and the technical.



My Interior Design journey began with a positive outlook and a big passion for residential interiors. After some exposure to the design industry and the many talented designers within it, my passion for Interior Design had grown and I loved the many creative aspects that commercial, retail and hospitality interiors had to offer.

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