I have always found myself with an eye for design. In my spare time I couldn’t help but pick up the pencil. My passion was quickly ignited and was something I realised I didn’t want to ignore. From drawing stars to designing fashion pieces and forever homes, I began to appreciate the importance of understanding the way people function in a space. It is important that you can take what you create on paper and explore ways of bringing your inspiration to life.   

I have always had an innate connection with design.

Growing up the daughter of a builder and historical building restoration specialist has given me a passion for design and a love of Australian architecture. 

I’m interested in how good design impacts on our lives and the way we feel. Since we spend most of our time indoors, it’s important that our homes, offices and entertainment venues promote a sense of wellbeing. Many factors affect our mood, perhaps the most import of these are natural light, colour and acoustics. As a designer, I want to work with clients to transform their interiors into a functional yet beautiful space that evokes a positive emotional response.

Interior design allows me to express my passion for all things creative in practical applications. When designing spaces my aim is to create a long lasting space through the use of high quality products.

I have been interested in all things design for as long as I can remember. From buying and indulging in as many magazines as I could get my hand on and watching home renovation shows. Visiting open homes on the weekend was more exciting than going to the toy shop. I have always helped family and friends with paint, fabric and furniture choices. I loved drawing house plans as a hobby from a young age. My family has always fostered hands on approach to all aspects of building and owning your own home.

I am a little obsessed with interiors. Born to a commercial builder, and very stylish mama, building and style are in my genes. Having worked for over 17 years in advertising and marketing, I now combine this experience with my passion for interiors, styling and design. 

My main focus is sustainability which I explore through fabrics and less wasteful design processes. I like to work with natural and recycled materials and I am interested in innovations on biodegradable fabrics. I am a graduate of Sydney TAFE’s Fashion Design Studio and after my studies at CIT hope to develop an eco-conscious label. Prior to fashion I worked in journalism, sustainability public policy and corporate social responsibility.

My final collection has a main focus on sustainability whilst remaining fashion forward. I am a third generation fashion designer and upon graduating, I hope to work for a brand/label that specializes in ethical and sustainable practices. My long term goal is to be able to work for myself under  my own label.

Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul. I have been expressing my ideas on different aspects of spaces, taking hypothetical spaces to express my views and ideas to create functional and aesthetical spaces for all sorts of users, some worked out others didn’t yet I kept my hopes and played with each idea and thought I had for any project and here I am finally really excited to enter into the real industry world of designing where I could actually develop ideas that could be built.

Hello! As a designer, I aim to make design affordable with an aim for minimalism and simplicity.

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